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What we do

•    Children learn through play, interaction, problem-solving, exploration, and discovery
•    Cooperation is more conducive to learning than competition
•    Children learn best when they can make choices and set their own goals
•    Each child is unique
•    Education is an ongoing process, which is enhanced when the child, teacher, and family work together.

As a child-centered, play-based facility, we believe:




Our daycare and preschool curriculums follow Kentucky Early Learning Standards and allow children the opportunity to explore, observe, and socialize with other children as well as problem solve, and experiment in a structured free choice-based environment. The learning environment encourages children to ask questions, make conclusions, and develop independence. Large group activities, small group activities, and center activities will stimulate a child’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth.


Throughout the year, children will develop skills, while learning about themes meaningful to their lives. We also conduct ongoing curriculum-based assessment to inform both our individual and group instruction. Progress reports and checklists are two of the tools we use. We will share our results with you, two times a year, at our parent teacher conferences. If at any other time of the year you would like to talk about your child’s growth and development, we would be more than happy to schedule an informal conference time as well.

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